One morning 6 years ago he woke up and said: “I’m gonna build the maze now.”

Crunching sound of rocks underneath your feet. The wind is howling and you hear cars driving by on the highway. Trees everywhere around you. Leaves rustle. There’s not much to see besides a bare piece of land. You and I don’t see anything. But Bernd and Nicole from Bridgewater have a great vision.

It’s the space where a dream comes true. A life project with goose bumps. The imagination reaches from clinking bottles over Irish shamrocks to rapacious teeth of a shark. The ideas are endless, but far too little time to finally get started. Is it manageable or will it just be an illusion?

Everybody said: “You can’t do that.” And then one guy came along and just did it.

Bernd and Nicole moved from Germany to Canada in 2002 with lots of ideas in their heads. They’re not just passionate artisans, they also are successful entrepreneurs. On a daily basis they follow their passion with their tile installation business which delivers the knowledge and means to realize the big dream of the maze. Since Bernd was a teenager, he dreamed of building a maze one of these days. In 2012 his dream started to become reality.

He got up this particular day and was certain: “I’m gonna build the maze now.”

Within the next 6 years they built an unique and one-of-a-kind project with their own creative energy and all out of their own pocket. Rough walls, rustling leaves and the squeaking noise of a steel door. You feel like to be taken into a different world. You submerge and get lost in a magical space full of phantasy. Unreal creatures wind themselves around massif walls. With every inch you’ll discover something new and every rock hides its own idea. The walls tell stories and even though you’ll loose yourself inside, you’re never alone. Bernd and Nicole got lots of creative help during the artsy development of the maze. Volunteers from all over the world put their ideas, time and energy into a common vision. This is how a bare piece of land transformed into an incredible art project which will last for generations to come.

The maze will open its doors end of August 2018 and will show its beauty to the world.

You, stop by and loose yourself in the maze!